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United States Air Force Band - America The Beautiful (arr. C. Dragon) Lyrics
[ti:America the Beautiful]
[ar:Us Air Force Band]

[00:00.14]America The Beautiful (arr. C. Dragon) (美丽的亚美利加) - United States Air Force Band
[00:41.27]Oh beautiful for spacious skies
[00:49.12]For amber waves of grain
[00:56.46]For purple mountain majesties
[01:04.11]Above the fruited plain
[01:12.19]America America
[01:20.69]God shed His grace on thee
[01:29.17]And crown thy good with brotherhood
[01:39.60]From sea to shining sea
[02:13.78]Oh beautiful for heroes proved
[02:22.49]In liberating strife
[02:30.85]Who more than self their country loved
[02:37.85]And mercy more than life
[02:46.13]America America
[02:54.09]May God thy gold refine
[03:03.26]Till all success be nobleness
[03:18.87]And every gain divine
[03:27.20]America America