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8 Ball - Contract (feat. 8 Ball, MJG) Lyrics
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[00:00.76]Yeah yeah yeah like I said this is your boy pimpin ken dot net
[00:05.13]Sell the b**ch p**sy till it's drip drop wet
[00:07.04]You know what I'm saying the vet not the pet
[00:08.99]Dig this here man
[00:10.11]Like my ni**a cashball you know what I'm saying me and deante say
[00:12.90]Man it's stacks tracks and contracts you know what I'm taking about
[00:14.94]Only time a b**ch get off is when a b**ch run off
[00:18.28]You know what I'm talking about hey man you understand me
[00:20.01]Master constitution for the prostitution
[00:21.32]And let prostitution be the only solution
[00:22.79]Please believe it you understand it b**ch you know my choosing b**ch
[00:25.53]It's a lifetime b**ch of ho crime believe that ho you know
[00:27.53]What I'm talking about
[00:28.62]Yeah b**ch you know what I'm talking about
[00:30.27]Don coochie hole b**ch better known as pimp coochie hole
[00:32.47]Pimpin ken the don in this sh*t ho
[00:34.45]You know what I'm talking about yeah
[00:35.49]Milwaukee wisconsin you funky a** b**ch
[00:37.01]As I pull up to the club jumping out of the Jag
[00:40.31]24's still spinning with a dealership tag
[00:43.17]Brand new bright leather guts and pearl blue
[00:46.36]These hoes they choosing like a lucky horseshoe
[00:48.72]But that's alright cause I don't pay these hoes no mind
[00:51.73]As I stroll to the front of the vip line
[00:54.46]Straight in I go headed straight to the bar
[00:57.23]I got a superstar status
[00:58.44]So I guess I'm a star
[01:00.27]Haters checking me out
[01:01.85]Now tell me what's that about
[01:03.23]I'ma chill to the point haters checking me out
[01:05.44]Sipping on the crystal
[01:07.43]B**ches wanna get wild
[01:09.07]Popping x and smoking dro on the verge of my style
[01:11.82]These b**ches calling asking where the after party
[01:14.36]The embassy suites downtown room 112 my darlin
[01:17.24]Bring your friends so we can let this party begin
[01:19.97]And bring a box of magnum rubbers so we can f**k till the end
[01:22.96]Hey b**ch sign your name on the dotted line
[01:28.34]Cause you belong to me
[01:31.28]You belong to me yeah
[01:34.47]Hey b**ch sign your name on the dotted line
[01:39.13]Cause now you're mine
[01:45.25]Just pulled up at the club
[01:46.58]I'm fly than a muthaf**ka
[01:47.96]Damn why they staring ho sh*t I'm the muthaf**ka
[01:50.41]Not the front door
[01:51.99]We better go through the back
[01:53.57]See that was back then now look where we at
[01:56.93]Straight to vip my niggaz man we deep
[01:59.25]You gonna go by 2 or 3
[02:01.23]Before you get to me
[02:02.41]The b**ch and she a g and said what's up for later
[02:05.16]I said I'm 20 east I'm headed to decatur
[02:08.19]And muthaf**k the hater
[02:09.44]It's about this making paper
[02:10.85]And while she choosing hard guaranteed I'ma take her
[02:13.65]So shake the saltshaker the dro' is the vapor
[02:16.57]I ain't got love for niggaz if all they try to do is cake her
[02:19.54]I ain't sippin on no chaser that's what we tell the waiter
[02:22.46]You goddamn right I'm a muthaf**kin player
[02:25.26]So tell me how you want it
[02:26.45]You riding get up on it
[02:28.67]I ain't f**king with the ho if she don't know how to donut for real
[02:31.80]Hey b**ch sign your name on the dotted line
[02:37.09]Cause you belong to me
[02:43.09]Hey b**ch sign your name on the dotted line
[02:48.21]Cause now you're mine
[02:50.86]Hey hey b**ch hey b**ch get up it's time to go to work
[02:52.45]Time to go to work b**ch it's your boy lil jon
[02:55.54]Never will I love a b**ch why would I trust a b**ch
[02:58.71]Always gonna dog a b**ch they only good for sucking d**k
[03:01.95]Or riding on a ni**a cock trying to get a ni**a stock
[03:03.36]I'm never gonna break bread not even for a little head
[03:06.07]I'm a player not a cakeaho
[03:07.76]Always gotta break a ho down to the f**king floor
[03:10.45]You step up I'll let you know It's mob bme
[03:12.72]P to the I to the mp no I'm southside
[03:15.91]Sorry b**ch you better pay me
[03:17.76]Old school white Lac pimpin like don juan
[03:20.22]When I pull up on the track I toot a loo my horn
[03:22.92]Make these hoes come running like mice for traps
[03:26.08]Ain't got my money ho you bound to get slap
[03:28.38]Cause I don't love a b**ch and won't save a b**ch
[03:32.20]If it ain't about money then it don't make sense
[03:35.24]I'll mack a b**ch and I'll pimp a b**ch
[03:37.20]As long as she making me filthy rich
[03:39.38]Took a bunch of pills drinking on my beers
[03:42.42]Sitting on a mill but I'm pimpin still
[03:45.03]Riding round the track like goldie in the mack
[03:47.45]Still I'm don coreleone pimping hoes from my realm
[03:51.87]Mesmerized by the words thats coming out my mouth
[03:53.60]So I'm flushing money quickly out these b**ches bank accounts
[03:56.42]After that I bounce
[03:58.09]To another ho in a totally different city
[04:00.27]For a whole other show
[04:01.77]They say why you don't call I say b**ch where my dividends
[04:05.26]You always out of town I say b**ch where my dividends
[04:07.99]You probably in the club I say b**ch where my dividends
[04:11.04]You bout to make me break your neck I have to ask your a** again
[04:13.32]I'm don aka stay pimpin hard
[04:16.63]That mean hoes gonna march winter summer spring and fall
[04:19.30]Cause I have to ball there's no other way
[04:22.26]Even if the b**ch pregnant there's no happy mother's day
[04:25.32]Hey b**ch sign your name on the dotted line (sign right here)
[04:30.97]Cause you belong to me (you my b**ch now)
[04:36.59]Hey b**ch (hey b**ch) sign your name on the dotted line (right here)
[04:41.85]Cause now you're mine (you mine ho)
[04:47.29]Get your a** up
[04:48.78]If you get out line I'm a slap your eye
[04:51.98]I'm a slap your eye
[04:53.43]I'm a slap your eye
[04:58.00]Better have my money y
[05:00.56]Cause you signed your name on the dotted line
[05:03.69]So get off your a** and get on the grind
[05:07.63]Get up get out there and make my motherf**king money right now
[05:10.69]Forgot what I am b**ch what am I
[05:12.00]I'm a pimp in every inch of the word
[05:14.88]Inch of the verb
[05:15.91]Every inch of the curb
[05:17.03]I'm a hit like the lottery baby
[05:22.28]Better believe it please believe it
[05:26.03]Hey yeah
[05:28.99]If it's pimping you wanting pimping you needing
[05:32.03]Everyday from me
[05:35.44]From a real motherf**king pimp
[05:36.85]But b**ch that's all I can see
[05:37.74]Any day of the week when you f**king with me
[05:41.46]If you f**king with me you better get your a** out there
[05:43.61]And make that muthaf**kin money
[05:44.94]Rain sleet or snow
[05:47.47]Rob steal and kill for a muthaf**kapimp like me ho
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