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Kate Ryan - Alive Lyrics

[ar:Kate Ryan]

[00:00.94][00:08.02]It's the way that you make me feel... I'm so aliiiive

[00:14.84]I know that you wanna undress my emotions
[00:22.41]Revealing things that are unshown... Oh wow wow
[00:29.76]I'm lost in perfection
[00:33.35]Wrapped in adoration
[00:37.04]Empowering all I ever know... Oh wow wow

[00:44.17][01:43.09]Cause love is free
[00:46.78][01:45.51]And it's beautiful
[00:48.20][01:47.20]Run for me
[00:50.49][01:49.04]Make life colourful

[00:51.98][00:59.93][01:50.79][02:43.48][02:50.46]It's the way that you make me feel
[00:56.33][01:55.16][02:46.72]I'm so alive... Aliiiive

[01:07.00][02:05.36][02:20.39][02:27.35][02:56.77][03:11.59][03:19.06]Switch me on desire
[01:08.46][02:06.80][02:21.72][02:28.79][02:58.11][03:12.97][03:20.44]And touch my body
[01:10.18][02:08.74][02:23.61][02:30.91][03:00.51][03:15.02][03:22.49]Awaken all my senses
[01:11.76][02:10.42][02:25.20][02:32.49][03:01.79][03:16.61][03:23.96]And energize me
[01:13.91][02:12.73][03:04.00]Ooh la la la... Alive
[01:18.02][02:16.89][03:08.37]Ooh la la la

[01:29.02]Deep I'm in your circle
[01:32.11]I can't run from your call
[01:36.02]Show me that you feel it too... Oh wow wow

[01:58.80]It's the way you make me feel

[02:34.35][03:24.68](I'm so alive)

[03:18.51](I'm so alive... Aliiiive)
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