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G-Eazy - West Coast Lyrics
[ti:West Coast (Explicit)]
[al:West Coast (Explicit)]

[00:00.00]West Coast (Explicit) - G-Eazy (Gerald Earl Gillum)/Blueface
[00:00.19]Lyrics by:Gerald Gillum/Benjamin Falik/Jonathan Porter/Richard Serrell/Ali Malik
[00:00.39]Composed by:Gerald Gillum/Benjamin Falik/Jonathan Porter/Richard Serrell/Ali Malik
[00:00.59]Six million ways to die choose one
[00:14.19]You can't imagine the way that this cash feelin'
[00:16.64]Don't know what's harder the first or the last million
[00:19.10]My last album took care of my grand children
[00:21.56]You try to win cracked you head on the glass ceiling
[00:24.11]What it is sick what it it is
[00:26.22]The way this money look I'll be signed to Sony for years
[00:28.70]Micro-dosing 'shrooms and I might just go pop a thizz
[00:31.15]They see that black 'Rari they know that it's one of his
[00:33.85]Ooh realest in the room
[00:35.94]Could fill a pool with all the alcohol that I consume
[00:38.46]I'm coming this summer yeah it's safe to assume
[00:40.87]I'm finna clean up using Golden State's broom
[00:43.69]West Coast real Town business
[00:45.97]Puma check just got cleared merry Christmas
[00:48.58]More sales you catching more L's
[00:50.66]I drove here in a Scraper playin' this on four 12s
[01:11.83]Blueface baby yeah yeah aight
[01:16.07]It's the face of the West Coast
[01:17.60]Bend back and I got more b***hes than PetCo
[01:20.12]VVSs breakin' this s**t feel like the Metro
[01:22.48]West Side Yankees Midtown business
[01:25.25]Yeah aight Schoolyard to the children
[01:27.38]Used to be broke Cash Money got me healin'
[01:30.07]You can't show me how to make a deal 'til you make a million
[01:32.45]Welcome to the West Coast this the best coast
[01:35.07]You can find the best h*es and the best dro
[01:37.25]Doin' the dash in the Aston up and down Pico
[01:39.67]Freak ho my pants saggin' 'til the meat shows
[01:42.47]Yeah aight welcome to the meatshow
[01:44.61]Two d**ks big pisser and the Glicko
[01:47.95]Big pisser and the Glicko
[01:49.08]Yeah aight I like my money in blue faces baby
[01:52.68]I like f**kin' all my b***hes call me f**ker
[01:55.13]You can't f**k if you can't take the rug burn
[01:58.41]Blueface baby
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