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David Pomeranz - Over and Over Again Lyrics

[ti:Over and Over Again]
[ar:David Pomeranz]
[00:14.71]I was walking through the world alone
[00:20.51]Afraid to try again
[00:27.19]All I ever wanted was to feel
[00:30.29]Somethin' real
[00:32.52]And not say goodbye again
[00:39.89]Ev'ry night beneath the moon I'd pray
[00:42.69]Show me the way
[00:45.25]Though this loneliness
[00:47.87]Then you came into view
[00:54.00]And from that night I knew
[01:00.30][01:25.25][02:17.84][02:42.57][02:51.73][03:23.11]I'll love you over and over again
[01:06.57][02:24.32][02:57.93][03:28.48]I'll hold you close to my heart
[01:12.67][02:30.18][03:04.12][03:34.53]For every lifetime
[01:17.30][02:34.79][03:08.68][03:39.17]Now and forever I promise you
[01:22.51][02:40.04][03:13.74][03:44.42]To the end

[01:35.96]Ev'ry time I look into your eyes
[01:38.69]And you smile
[01:41.38]It just amazes me
[01:47.70]How two people made of flesh and bone
[01:51.01]Get to be shown
[01:53.07]Such sweet eternity

[01:56.76]Let the mountains tumble, let 'em fall
[02:00.34]Through it all
[02:02.92]I'll be by your side
[02:05.76]And until time grows old
[02:11.65]With all my heart and soul

[03:16.43]I'll love you over and over
[03:20.74]And over and over again

[03:48.07]I'll love you over and over...... and over again
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