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The Cure - Hot Hot Hot!!! (extended mix) Lyrics

[ar:The Cure]
[ti:Hot Hot Hot!!! (extended mix)]
[al:Mixed Up]
[00:08.93][00:12.97][05:43.24][05:47.50][05:51.75][05:55.99][06:34.60][06:38.87][06:43.15][06:47.54]Hot hot hot
[01:08.77]The first time I saw lightning strike
[01:10.81]I saw it underground
[01:12.98]Six deep feet below the street
[01:14.92]The sky came crashing down
[01:17.07]For a second that place was lost in space
[01:19.18][02:10.64][04:45.11]Then everything went black
[01:21.31]I left that basement burning
[01:23.22][02:14.66][04:49.09]And I never went back
[02:00.19]The second time I saw it strike
[02:02.06]I saw it at sea
[02:04.49]It lit up all the fish like rain
[02:06.61]And rained them down on me
[02:08.58]For a second that boat was still afloat
[02:12.70]I left it underwater
[02:17.40][02:21.65][02:25.87][03:09.38][03:13.12][03:17.43][04:51.97][04:55.97][05:00.31]Hey hey hey!!!
[02:19.13][03:10.41][04:53.41]But I like it when that lightning comes
[02:23.20][03:14.73][04:57.63]Yes I like it a lot
[02:27.51][03:19.03][05:01.96]Yes I'm jumping like a jumping jack
[02:30.13][03:21.68][05:04.64]Dancing screaming itching squealing fevered
[02:32.86][03:24.35][05:07.26]Feeling hot hot hot!!!
[04:34.42]The third time I saw lightning strike
[04:36.47]It hit me in bed
[04:38.65]It threw me around
[04:40.48]And left me for dead
[04:42.77]For a second that room was on the moon
[04:47.22]I left that house on fire
Published: 13-04-2016
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