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Mariah Carey - Stay The Night Lyrics

[ti:Stay The Night]
[ar:Mariah Carey]
[al:The Emancipation Of Mimi]

[00:00.35]Mariah Carey
[00:02.20]Stay The Night
[00:24.00]You're kissing me
[00:25.09]And saying I'm the one you need
[00:28.82]To keep you warm
[00:30.17]And lay with you tonight
[00:34.26]Baby I feel the same way
[00:36.95]I don't want to leave
[00:39.09]Wanna hold you close
[00:40.44]And feel your love inside
[00:44.90]But I don't wanna play myself
[00:47.51]Cause I know you're with someone else
[00:49.81]And I don't need complications in my life
[00:55.51]And I don't wanna fall back in
[00:58.43]And get caught up in you again
[01:00.64]Boy I'm so conflicted in my mind
[01:04.83][02:10.21][02:52.36]You keep saying stay the night
[01:09.52][02:57.29]Just let me rock you till the morning light
[01:14.57][02:19.36][03:02.37]It's cold outside
[01:16.59][02:20.78][03:03.94]And much too late to drive
[01:20.11][02:24.87][03:07.95]You know I need you baby
[01:22.40][02:27.10][03:10.22]I'm so lost without your love
[01:28.61]Obviously, procrastinating just to be
[01:33.87]Close to you a little longer now
[01:39.33]It's hard for me to break away from you baby
[01:44.07]Never could resist you
[01:44.17]And I still haven't learned how
[01:49.93]And I don't wanna be a fool
[01:52.31]But it's hard when it comes to you
[01:54.75]And I'm feeling vulnerable tonight
[02:00.53]Cause I don't wanna miss the chance
[02:03.24]Of reliving our sweet romance
[02:05.46]Boy I'm so confused down deep inside
[02:14.16]Just let me rock you til the morning light
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