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The Get Up Kids - Don't Hate Me Lyrics

[al:Four Minute Mile]
[ar:The Get Up Kids]
[ti:Don't Hate Me]

[00:00.97]Forgive me for running off to find
[00:05.58]the one thing I have to do.
[00:10.13]Each night you can fall asleep assured
[00:14.69]that someday I'll be coming home to you.
[00:21.36]These constant reminders in everything I see.
[00:30.03]The chance of a lifetime...what a great place to be.
[00:41.75][01:22.13]Oh Amy, don't hate me for running away from you.
[00:50.42][01:30.70]Oh Amy, don't hate me. I'm still in love with you!
[00:59.02]I'm sorry I can't be everything to you.
[01:07.23]Your place is at the heart of what I wanna do.
[01:15.22]Everything's for you.
[01:58.30][02:15.93]Every time I run away,
[02:03.20][02:20.36]it's easier to stay.
[02:07.10][02:23.69]At the heart, the heart is you
[02:12.09][02:28.79]in everything I do.
Published: 18-12-2016
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