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G-Eazy - Eazy (feat. Son Lux) Lyrics

[ar: G-Eazy]
[ti: Eazy (feat. Son Lux)]
[al: The Beautiful & Damned]
[by: Fun!AtTheChemicalRomance]
[length: 05:10]
Easy (feat. Son Lux) - G-Eazy

[00:01.59]Easy, easy
[00:05.22]Pull out your heart to make the being alone (yeah)
[00:10.91]Easy, easy (talkin' to my younger self)
[00:17.16]Pull out your heart to make the being alone

[00:22.66]Dear Gerald, you're fourteen years and a truant
[00:25.03]You're trying to find your place, and figure out where you fit
[00:28.09]You're finna start rappin' with a kid you went to school with
[00:31.59]But, more on that later, right now you're going through it
[00:33.85]See, you're going to have to prove that you ain't soft and you ain't stupid
[00:36.53]And you gon' have to scrap with some kids that you ain't cool with
[00:39.53]You got a short temper, just be careful when you lose it
[00:41.90]You wanna be the man, but it's gon' take some time to prove it
[00:44.98]You'll fall in love, but she's gon' break your heart and put you through it
[00:47.86]Fuck falling for that bullshit, you gon' fall in love with music
[00:50.50]You're finna get arrested, almost fuck around and lose it
[00:53.44]Spend days in juvy standing at the window, looking through it
[00:56.44]Nothing in life is promised, not even free-time is
[00:59.25]So, only chase dreams, and only chase commas
[01:02.12]Won't happen on its own, trust, trust, we've been through it

[01:04.77]If it was easy, everyone would do it
[01:07.02]This game is not…

[01:08.94](Easy, easy (Eazy))
[01:15.63]I mean, I was fucking up (Pull out your heart to make the being alone)
[01:16.96]I was seventeen, I was eighteen, just doing dumb shit (Easy, easy)
[01:20.40]My moms made me move to New Orleans and shit, I went to school down there on a scholarship
[01:23.27]I finally got my shit together, I started taking music seriously
[01:26.33]Then it started to kinda pop off a little bit, almost (Pull out your heart to make the being alone)

[01:30.34]Dear Gerald, 21, you think you've got it figured out
[01:33.47]Got a big head from them labels trying to bring you out
[01:35.84]'Til they passed on you, they ain't see what they was missing out
[01:38.78]On, that flight home gave you some shit to think about
[01:41.42]Scrambling trying to figure out, went back to the drawing board
[01:44.34]Know they say rejection's only supposed to make you want it more
[01:47.34]But, no lie, you contemplating quitting, walking out the door
[01:49.97]But, what the fuck you supposed to do? This is all you're living for
[01:52.65]Really it was that and Dev, that was all you had
[01:55.53]Paying rent by engineering other rappers at the pad
[01:57.97]Barely getting by, hella broke, you was doing bad
[02:01.09]Then "These Things Happened", you finally seen a bag
[02:03.84]You drove down the highway, a fork in the road
[02:06.03]A normal life with her, or going for broke?
[02:09.48]I seen an open lane and I drove straight through it

[02:12.86]If it was easy, everyone would do it
[02:14.81]This game is not…

[02:16.24](Easy, easy) Enough
[02:18.37]I literally sold all my shit
[02:21.37]I moved out of my place in New Orleans (Pull out your heart to make the...)
[02:23.55]I was bouncing around, living out of a suitcase (...being alone)
[02:26.93]Crashing on friends' couches (Easy, easy)
[02:28.81]Living at air B&Bs and hotels
[02:30.37]Trying to make the album (Pull out your heart to make the...)
[02:33.06]Trying to make When It's Dark Out (... being alone)
[02:35.62]If I could take it there, that'd be great

[02:37.84]Dear Gerald, life changed since you dropped your second album
[02:40.65]And Me, Myself & I just went 7x Platinum
[02:43.53]Toured around the world, damn, you really had 'em
[02:46.15]But now you're 27 and it's time to be a legend
[02:49.02]Back when it all started, grinding hard on that promo tour
[02:51.85]Tired from the night before and the night before and the night before
[02:55.40]Fuck it, tomorrow, gotta fly some more
[02:58.15]Don't complain, this is what you signed up for
[03:00.27]You're working for your family, managers, agents
[03:03.33]They all want something different from you, tell them all patience
[03:05.96]But, this one's on you, the lonely quest of greatness
[03:08.84]Been trying to be famous, been trying to be A-list
[03:11.71]When you arrive, it will appear as if there's nothing to it
[03:14.52]But, you planted the seeds and you grew it
[03:16.97]There's people taking credit for success that they had nothing to do with

[03:20.90]If it was easy, everyone would do it
[03:22.27]This game is not…

[03:23.69]Easy, easy (Eazy)
[03:29.01]Pull out your heart to make the being alone
[03:34.26](Easy) So now you're here
[03:37.44](Easy) What you gon' do with it?
[03:40.38]You know? (Pull out your heart to make the being alone)

[03:45.58]Make no mistake, listen it's the life that I was chosen for
[03:48.33]All I prayed for was an open door
[03:50.76]I've been rich, I've been broke before
[03:52.76]I've seen the floor
[03:54.02]You try to put me in a box, I'll box out like Amanda Lepore
[03:57.77]And fuck being indecisive now I'm so for sure
[03:59.83]And fuck Trump, it's like "What the fuck we voted for?"
[04:02.83]And most of y'all should probably party less and focus more
[04:05.89]And if that line resonates, you're probably who I wrote it for
[04:08.27]Where will I go from here? "IDK"
[04:11.52]They want me to architect Rome, in a day
[04:14.09]Juice knew I was greatness when he looked at me
[04:16.28]Right away, I've made platinum records that'll never see the light of day
[04:19.47]This is what the whole world's been waiting for
[04:22.72]The crowd's jumping, going dumb till they break the floor
[04:25.51]Come take a walk inside my mind, come and take a tour
[04:28.02]I'm really not playing, what the fuck you take me for?

[04:31.45]Easy, easy
[04:36.33]Pull out your heart to make the being alone (Where? Where? Can I not?)
[04:42.72]Easy, easy
[04:48.25]Pull out your heart to make the being alone
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