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Childish Gambino - Black Faces (ft. Nipsey Hussle) {prod. Boi-1da} Lyrics

[ar: Childish Gambino]
[ti: Black Faces (ft. Nipsey Hussle) {prod. Boi-1da}]
[al: R O Y A L T Y]
[by: Gorilla-Killa]
[length: 03:28]
[00:01.64][Intro: Nipsey Hussle]
[00:03.50]Turn that beat up for me
[00:04.86]Really everything, like the headphones
[00:06.60]Yeah, yeah, a little bit louder
[00:16.59]No punch, you know that mean that we workin' hard
[00:21.69][Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
[00:22.37]Look, young rich nigga shit, pops was an immigrant
[00:25.35]Lifestyle illegit, but know I own businesses
[00:28.59]Started out the trunk, ended up at the dealership
[00:30.94]All gold Rollie, black face no blemishes
[00:33.67]Legend in my city cause I grind so vigorous
[00:36.47]If I show my face west of Texas, that's a big event
[00:39.57]Gotta pay me twenty cents just to hear me vent
[00:42.37]I'm really out here on some shit, you should take a flick
[00:45.10]Ballin' on my own ten toes, so the difference is
[00:47.89]I call shots never ask for permission, man
[00:50.69]I got a lot of big plans in my vision and
[00:53.67]I ain't failed yet, 'bout a dollar hell yes
[00:56.10]I'm a problem, failed test, it's only getting worse
[00:59.01]I swear I'm getting money, I just hope you gettin' yours
[01:01.43]I'm killin' niggas solo so you know I'm gettin' more
[01:04.61]Now that young Gambino on the chorus, go
[01:07.21][Hook: Childish Gambino]
[01:07.77]This is for that real shit, this is for that East side
[01:10.68]This is for my bad girls, this is for them good guys
[01:13.47]This is for my grandma, this is for that West side
[01:16.02]This is for them niggas talkin' shit on a website
[01:18.87]Damn I feel good, you ain't feelin' nothin'
[01:21.48]This is for my niggas who be livin' dime a dozen
[01:24.34]Bino got that good shit, Nipsey got them aces
[01:27.38]On some young rich shit, Kennedys with black faces
[01:30.49][Break: Childish Gambino]
[01:30.86]Yeah, black faces
[01:32.92]My Rollie so racist, all black faces
[01:35.52]Obama on that million dollar bill, black faces
[01:38.62]Yeah, nigga, black faces
[01:41.23]Look, yo I got this
[01:46.68]Yo, turn, turn it up a little
[01:50.23]Ay, here we go, okay
[01:52.64][Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
[01:52.95]League of my own, swag Geena Davis
[01:55.56]Only rapper make 100k on your playlist
[01:58.30]Niggas talk on twitter, but in life they don't say shit
[02:01.03]My Rollie so racist, all black faces
[02:04.04]We the new, face it, kill 'em like Jason
[02:07.00]Grind in my sleep man a nigga need braces
[02:09.60]Wonder what you feelin' like, used to be the nervous type
[02:12.33]They ain't mention Bino? Man that shit must be on purpose, right?
[02:15.32]Hostile, nigga my style
[02:18.73]Kind of flow to paint a picture, Norman Rockwell
[02:21.22]I don't eat pasta, everything is low-carb
[02:23.89]I don't fly coach now, say I fly Goyard
[02:26.49]Leave a face covered in that coast guard
[02:28.91]Metaphor Mozart, all we do is tell 'em the truth
[02:31.46]M Fox to my people on some family ties
[02:34.44]Magazines got black faces when somebody dies
[02:37.67]I mean look at Donna Summers, she was tryin' to survive
[02:40.47]People wrestle over petty cash
[02:42.80]When we should be really cryin' over that one percent
[02:45.47]Like we tipped a milk glass
[02:46.65]Fuck y'all, I'mma let my grandkids ball
[02:48.89]Look to the future, these dudes so last week
[02:52.11]See me stuntin' so Conde Nasty
[02:55.04]Me and Nipsey on some grown shit, no rent
[02:57.83]Own shit, so Jim Crow shit, black faces
[03:01.18][Outro: Childish Gambino]
[03:01.75]Ay, nigga, black faces
[03:06.47]Black faces
[03:10.75]That's royalty, nigga
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