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Jay-Jay Johanson - Alone again Lyrics

[ti:Alone again]
[ar:Jay-Jay Johanson]
[00:00.00]Alone again

[00:24.15]How could a love like ours come to an end
[00:30.26]We had it all but lost it 'round the bend
[00:36.11]There's something that I'll never understand
[00:42.38]Why now it seems like hurting's close at hand

[00:48.41][01:40.59][02:54.15]But I'm alone again, alone again
[00:55.74][01:47.88][03:01.06]Though the years that pass divide us
[01:00.79][01:52.94][03:06.90]I am alone again, alone again
[01:07.76]Something'll never keep us apart

[01:16.39]There's one love left between us that will stay
[01:22.42]When memories can slowly fade away
[01:28.48]Though feelings changed ever since we met
[01:34.60]Our little daughter won't let us forget

[01:59.69]Something'll always keep us close

[02:29.91]I see her one weekend now and then
[02:35.79]I've realized I'm like a long lost friend
[02:41.99]She has your eyes, your funny little smile
[02:48.00]Her lovely laugh brings you back for a while

[03:10.38]Our little daughter keep us close
Published: 02-10-2018
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