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May J. - DO tha' DO tha' Lyrics

[ar:May J.]
[ti:DO tha' DO tha']
[00:00.86]Baby girl say...
[00:04.04]DO tha' DO tha'
[00:06.53]May J.
[00:08.28]作詩:Jewels 作曲:Daisuke“D.I”Imai
[00:21.26]Young & Restlessな ladies
[00:23.70]踊り明かそう! 今夜、はめはずそう!
[00:29.18]タフ & Sexyな ladieび常に前進 approach
[00:34.19][00:55.21][01:49.82][01:59.18][02:47.29][03:03.22]これが our style, you ready fo' mo'?
[00:38.18][02:30.07]We're independent
[00:39.54][00:47.47][01:43.58][02:31.51][02:39.49](Do tha' do tha' body body)
[00:41.47][02:33.50]背伸びしてでも 挑戦したい work harder
[00:45.85][02:37.87]DJ pump the volume
[00:49.47][02:41.56]今が our 時代 baby, let's take it
[00:53.40][02:45.42]We're Super Dupa shine
[00:57.21][02:01.24][02:49.29][03:05.21]You know we're never gonnち止まらない
[01:01.20][02:05.17][02:53.11][03:09.27]ステップアップして Let's Go!
[01:03.26][02:07.30][02:55.24][03:11.26]迷わず Get some mo'
[01:05.19][02:57.30]輝いて Super chic
[01:08.19][02:12.28][03:16.32]Come on and bring it on
[01:25.29]Cool & Funkyな ladies
[01:27.72]Let's make it happen alrighぴ自分で チャンスつかもう!
[01:33.22]キュート & Spicyな ladies Just come together as one,
[01:38.15]怖いもん 無い so you ready for fun?
[01:42.15]大胆 hot it's ゴージャス
[01:45.45]Ego tripin' baby boys, your talk is getting' cheaper
[01:51.44](Gimmie gimmie body body)
[01:53.50]高鳴る鼓動 baby it's crazy
[01:57.44][03:01.28]We're Super Dupa fine
[02:09.29][03:13.26]羽ばたいて Super chic
[02:13.72]me and my girls, we do tha' do tha'
[02:15.53]supa dupa, who tha' who tha'?
[02:17.47][02:25.52]move your body wanna party?
[02:19.27][02:27.33]I'm may j. baby, hard rock candy
[02:21.71]baby girl say, do tha' do tha'
[02:23.71]baby boy say, who tha' who tha?
Published: 01-11-2018
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