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Rich Boy - Ghetto Rich (Remix) (feat. John Legend, Lil' Wayne & Nas) Lyrics

[ar:Rich Boy]
[ti:Ghetto Rich (Remix) (feat. John Legend, Lil' Wayne & Nas)]

[00:00.00][Polow da Don]
[00:00.86]Shit, we tryna get it for real
[00:04.13]Oh, Rich Boy!
[00:07.45]You niggas better get focused
[00:08.98][00:11.45]Get money, motherfucker!
[00:12.82][Rich Boy]
[00:12.95]Let me take you through my hood where I was born and raised
[00:15.53]Where niggas tote semi-automatics, busting them K's
[00:18.15]Heavy guns and dope boys harrassed by the police
[00:21.26]Still getting pulled over and asked by the police
[00:23.82]'Bama wasn't made for a nigga to win
[00:26.23]See the color of your skin get you put in the pen
[00:28.84]It's real life, over dice, Dwayne dead and gone
[00:31.49]Sending niggas to the pen or the funeral home
[00:34.20]I be feeling like the Lord'll never answer me back
[00:36.80]So I'm holding on my gat just in case they attack
[00:39.63]Bullet holes in your house'll make it hard to sleep
[00:42.17]You see the fiends on the street want the hard for cheap
[00:44.86]Lot of niggas doing life from undercovers and fake friends
[00:47.76][00:52.97]It's real how them penitetiary bars'll break men
[00:50.42]Nigga doing life from undercovers and fake friends
[00:55.85][02:20.94][John Legend]
[00:55.91][02:21.06]It's where you live, it's where you play
[00:58.31][02:23.66]It's where you learn your favorite slang
[01:01.11][01:11.78][02:26.33][02:37.08]Your world is ghetto
[01:06.36][02:31.63]It's where I live, it's where I'm from
[01:09.09][02:34.26]It's where you had to tote your gun
[01:16.64][Lil' Wayne]
[01:16.95]I could never win an Oscar 'cause I don't know how to act
[01:19.58]So on my first million dollars and I ain't know how to act
[01:22.34]Then the second million came, then more came after that
[01:24.99]Then more came after that, hurricane after that
[01:27.61]Damn! And y'all saw the aftermath
[01:30.13]And in my hood we don't front, so I do give back
[01:33.00]When you see a hood nigga you got to tilt your hat
[01:35.53]And since I'm a hood nigga, I do just that
[01:38.27]OG's used to tell me, "you just rap"
[01:40.82]"Lil' nigga all you need do is rap!"
[01:43.51]And just when I thought I was gon' do just that
[01:46.12]Papa was a rolling stone and them stones was crack
[01:48.96]Fuck being like Mike, I want to to be like pop
[01:51.57]Then I picked up a mic, I want to be like Pac
[01:54.21]Please put down the pipe, you don't need that rock
[01:56.75]Please put up a fight for the kids that watch
[01:59.44]Us in the spotlight, and then they mock
[02:02.23]But caskets get closed and then they drop
[02:04.93]And cases get closed, and they are dropped
[02:07.71]'Cause no one knows, and nobody gotten it
[02:10.50]Out the N.O., cause they been knocked
[02:12.78]Three words to a witness: they get shot
[02:15.54]Let me tell you what this is, this is the block
[02:18.07]Always talk to God, never listen to cops
[02:42.44]It's cool to love to win, but it's better to hate to lose
[02:45.32]There's only one Nas, about 100,000 you's
[02:47.97]You lose money chasing women, never lose women chasing money
[02:51.05]Niggas is broke, plus the wolves is hungry
[02:53.24]Morgues full of dead niggas who was taking money
[02:55.68]Morgues full of niggas with the last shit they ate in they stomach
[02:58.47]Spinach and steak, Gore-tex bootprint still on his face
[03:01.61]It's still on his face when we visit his wake
[03:03.94]Whatever's undone, I do it
[03:05.79]Fight against a whole army, one gun, I use it
[03:08.47]Some Sun Tzu shit, creeping on you like walking pneumonia
[03:11.99]You're far from opponents, we can spar for the moments
[03:14.69]I stay in deceitful conversation with creeps with foul natures
[03:18.42]Attempted-murder trial's the basics
[03:20.50]Threatening the witnesses
[03:22.20]And relatives of dead victims is the shit we live
[03:25.31]Uh, Queensbridge thug matrimony, clap a phony
[03:28.59]Bullets even hit a cracker in his Abercrombie
[03:31.21]Psychoanalyst was asking me what happened to me
[03:33.86]See, the 'yak got to me, then the gat got to me
[03:36.57]Then the homies on the block with the stacks of money
[03:39.19]Then these beautiful bitches was bending backwards for me
[03:41.84]The lames put the rap game in the casket slowly
[03:44.80]Man, I don't give a fuck, this is rapping to me
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