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Lagwagon - Twenty-Seven Lyrics

[al:Double Plaidinum]

[00:00.51]I hope you didn't mind when I saw you
[00:05.51]turn into nothing less than nothing new
[00:12.71]Before you wait to sleep it off
[00:19.74]How little is enough?
[00:23.22]What can you do?
[00:26.77]before you decide to make the last mistake
[00:31.37]Withdraw away from us
[00:37.52]and say goodbye
[00:41.01]to all but one that takes you away
[00:47.55]puts you to rest
[00:59.44]On twenty-seven street nothing will keep you warm
[01:06.03]Everything bring you harm
[01:09.34]Everything here fails you
[01:13.81]Now lying at your feet
[01:16.61]Everyone nails you
[01:20.03]Everyone worships you
[01:23.70]Everyone here fails you
[01:28.18]I can figure it out and it's all about to
[01:33.65]turn into lack of wit on sinking ships
[01:40.56]I might have jumped
[01:43.30]but you jumped first
[01:47.84]Abandon ties that bind
[01:51.26]There's no salvation here
[01:54.99]I'd surely miss the times when we were so depressed
[02:01.78]No I miss you
[02:06.07]I Know I miss you
[02:10.41]and you are missing something
[02:30.19]You take a rip and then you find sedation
[02:34.68]Some salvation
[02:36.05]A masochistic only point of view
[02:41.67]Nothing is left to you
[02:45.19]Everyone speaks the truths
[02:49.18]Everyone here fails me
[03:08.62]Hope you didn't mind when I saw you
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