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SOUL'd OUT - Cinozoic Lyrics

[ar:SOUL'd OUT]
[00:00.00]- Cinozoic -
[00:03.00]Words : Bro.Hi
[00:04.50]Music : Bro.Hi, Shinnosuke
[00:06.00]Arrangement:Shinnosuke, Bro.Hi
[00:08.00]Time to time 日々移り変わる Sign
[00:10.08]Like a factory 吸って吐いて Buy
[00:12.05][03:05.13]OH! What a thing to have done
[00:13.60]My spirit runaway from presious place
[00:15.86][01:07.56]Bass guitar 奏で 笑え
[00:17.71]I wrote a song for my future
[00:19.76][01:15.62]クソ闇雲に追い求む Origin
[00:21.95]I'll find my way そう I carry on!
[00:23.80]Brake it on!
[00:24.69]そん時の My heros, I trust 今でも They livin' my soul
[00:27.98]Where is tha moment I need at tha most
[00:29.79][00:37.63]遠い道のり蜃気楼に Lost
[00:32.08]Give me something to believe in
[00:33.50]何もかもを 欲した訳ぢゃねぇけど You know...
[00:35.78]I'm gonna turn this thing around
[00:39.69]Talk find it...Hey! my friend
[00:41.98]Only one way 選びようがねぇ Life
[00:43.72][02:37.27]Stuck inside in a hurricane Hey!
[00:45.59][03:13.19]Do you wanna stay here?
[00:46.98]For real?
[00:49.90][00:57.68][01:39.51][01:47.74][03:27.06][03:35.18][03:43.20][03:50.82]I wanna be tha minority
[00:51.46][03:28.90][03:44.95]Save tha 独自の My theory
[00:53.74][01:43.39][03:30.83][03:46.91]I don't need any authority
[00:55.59][01:45.34][03:32.79][03:48.77]I wanna...
[00:59.73][01:49.37][03:36.82][03:52.78]You turn me on!! my soul is bleedin'
[01:01.69][01:51.55][03:38.88][03:54.86]I'm gonna break out tha popularity
[01:03.66][01:53.28][03:40.76][03:56.70]I'm gonna...
[01:05.98]All my life to sacrifice you know
[01:09.75]All tha lost things 思い返す程
[01:11.92]刻め刻めと急く Life time
[01:13.67]カンバン背負って気負い Mistake
[01:17.92]自己流を Check して Yes you can
[01:21.72][01:25.64]You know that is truth
[01:23.22]勘と考察 明け暮れる研磨
[01:27.29]原始的な欲求 Like Dilemma
[01:29.56]情報はまるで Imitation
[01:31.52]It was 青い法則 尖った Generation
[01:34.14]But it's gone!
[01:35.22]Bad dayz は去って I can go straght...
[01:41.65]Save tha 独自の my theory
[02:19.90]Clap ya hands to tha Beat Box
[02:21.61]My life 凸凹 多き Like offroad
[02:27.47]正常に One life 受け止めて
[02:31.38]I'm alone
[02:32.15]My 精神はいつもそう
[02:33.46]Desperado 気取ったまんま一歩
[02:35.31]He said「HELLO HOW LOW」
[02:39.13]Hey boy 空気なんか読まねぇで結構
[02:41.30]It's like Hedonic 法 内容が物を言う
[02:43.36]やっぱチョーット激しいが More better
[02:45.50]About lady もそうね
[02:46.74]バキーっと Rock してナンボ
[02:48.05]figured out yeah!
[02:49.14]Shinnosuke! Bring tha mother fuckin' beat
[02:51.20]Every thing that I do reminds me
[02:53.08]生き急いだ日々に求め失った KEY
[02:55.23]All I wanted just sped right past me
[02:57.29]But I 肝心な事は I got it
[02:59.26]Tell me what I wanna hear
[03:00.68]My spinning head 創生 And get it
[03:03.18]Amazing world 見透かし ナニゲに
[03:06.99]That's just tha business I'm in
[03:09.16]おもしれぇ事 Only 見つけ次第 Kick it
[03:11.34]Do or Not You'll never make me
[03:14.94]Free your mind
[03:16.02]赴くままに 生きるが Best
[03:18.97]Yo! If I lose it All 全てを敵に まわしたとしても 迷いは無し
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