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Loverboy - When It's Over Lyrics

[ti:When It's Over]
[al:Big Ones]
[00:02.01]Artist: Loverboy
[00:02.57]Album: Big Ones
[00:03.26]Title: When It's Over
[00:03.82]By: Minime
[00:29.33]When you look into his eyes
[00:31.52]It comes to you as no surprise
[00:34.83]It's always the same
[00:38.77]Every time he's out with you
[00:41.08]He tries to tell you what to do
[00:44.33]You don't need it that way
[00:48.27]Sometimes you think you're playing the fool
[00:50.39]He's running around breaking all the rules
[00:53.83]Somehow that don't seem fair
[00:57.70]There's got to be a better way
[01:00.14]You know what I'm trying to say
[01:07.02]'Cause deep, deep down inside
[01:09.58]You're living in a life in total lies
[01:16.77]What did he ever do for you
[01:19.14]What's he trying to put you through
[01:23.58]I just don't understand
[01:26.14]You showed him love and tenderness
[01:28.52]Touched him with your sweet caress
[01:31.45]Now he's leaving you
[01:35.52]So what's the point in working it out
[01:37.83]Tell me what it's all about
[01:43.14]That's why I'm saying
[01:45.33][01:54.70][03:37.20][03:46.58]I hope you're with me
[01:47.83][01:57.08][03:39.45][03:49.02]I hope you're with me when it's over
[02:04.02][03:55.83][04:05.14]You won't be lonely
[02:06.33][03:58.08]You won't be lonely when it's over
[02:13.27]You won't be lonely (you)
[02:17.02]When it's over
[02:22.39][02:32.08][04:14.55][04:24.17]It's over, it's over, it's over
[02:59.77]And in the morning when he's gone
[03:02.08]Please don't sing that sad, sad song
[03:06.64]I don't want to hear it
[03:09.02]Forget about him
[03:10.20]Let him go
[03:11.33]It won't hurt what he don't know
[03:18.27]What's he trying to say to you
[03:20.52]What's he trying to tell you
[03:23.33]He don't really care
[03:27.64]Face the truth and realize
[03:29.83]You don't need his alibi's
[03:34.89]No more
[04:06.99]You, when it's over
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